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Cloning & Islam

Let us first briefly explain what cloning is

A "human clone" is a time-delayed identical twin of another person. A clone is not an exact replica of the original, but a much younger identical twin. As with identical twins, the clone and the original person will have different fingerprints. Scientists extract needed cells from the original person then implant them into a womb for the normal growth process and eventual birth.

Islam encourages us to use science to find cures to all diseases by developing medicines that will do just that. However, this should not be taken as a green light from God to do anyhting we want. Hence, you will read why cloning may not be condoned in Islam.

One of the main reason is attributed to the chaotic intermexing that cloning causes in blood relations and family genealogical trees. If you look closer at the cloning creation process you will discover that the end results of cloning will be the birth of an innocent bastards or incestuous children.

The way scientists plan to do this is by implanting the womb of any human female with a donor's DNA and the host's egg. The host could be the original mother or a surrogate mother. In the case of a surrogate mother is used, then the child shall be born without Wedlock (A bastard, adulterous ) and if the original mother is used, then an incestuous child is born if they cloned her Father, Brother, Uncle, Son, etc&

Some will say what if the natural mother decided to clone her natural birth son or daughter using her womb for the cell implant and eventual birth? To answer this, one must know what is the allowed conception in Islam and how We were intended to procreate by GOD.

The Allowed conception in Islam is through marriage between a man and a woman which through the mixing, fertilizing and growth of the couple’s egg and sperm in the womb of the female. the end result of this process will be the birth of a child.

(Islam condones In vitro fertilization if for some reason, the mother can’t be fertilized normally and if you can guarantee that no one will change or tamper with the specimen in the lab Prior to implanting the natural mother. Like the case we heard recently, a doctor used his own sperm in the lab to father hundreds of babies without the knowledge of the implanted would be mothers.

In addition, using a female other than your wife as a Surrogate mother is not allowed in Islam. Islam calls this adulterous plain and simple and it can also be incestuous. As in one case I heard on the news, when doctors implanted a mother with her dead son’s frozen sperm in her so she can have him as a child again! )

So the answer for the above question is " Islam does not condone Cloning not even if the original mother was used in the cloning process"

Know this “each clone will definitely have a separate and unique soul.”

With all this in mind, let's look at cloning, scientists extract a somatic cell from a donor (or anyone they want to clone) extract the cell’s DNA then combine it with unfertilized female egg then implant it into the womb of a surrogate mother.

As you see in this whole process there is no male sperm present here! No father is involved and in addition, any womb will be utilized to nurture the growth and birth of a child.

As a result,

1- Women will no longer need men to procreate.

2- Companies will use science to create human factories and or parts.

3- A boom of 1 parent family homes will create many dysfunctional households.

4- Human trade will rise when average people can make good money supplying babies.

5- Most important of all, this will lead to the creation of many incestuous and adulterous innocent children.

Islam condones none of this. My Conclusion shall be as follows, Cloning conflicts with the social order that GOD set forth for us since the creation of Adam. (May peace be upon him)


I. All cases introducing third parties into a marriage, whether a womb, an egg, a sperm or a cloning cell are not permissible.

II. Ordinary human cloning, in which the nucleus of a living somatic cell from an individual is placed into the cytoplasm ofan egg devoid of its nucleus, is not to be permitted. If exceptional cases emerge in the future, they should be considered to verify compliance with the Shari'ah.

III .All Muslim countries are called upon to formulate the necessary legislation to prevent foreign research institutes, organisations and experts from directly or in directly using Muslim countries for experimentation on human cloning or promoting it.

IV. The Islamic Organisation for Medical Sciences and other similar bodies are called upon to monitor all scientific developments in the field of cloning and define its terminology and organise seminars and meetings, as required, to determine and articulate the Islamic rulings and principles pertaining thereto.

V. Specialised committees should be set up to look into the ethics of biological research and adopt protocols for study and research in Muslim countries, and prepare a document on foetal rights as a prelude to formulate legislation on the rights of the foetus.

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