Major Signs to Judgment Day

Even though, the Prophet, (p.b.u.h), never mentioned a specific Chronological order to the Major
signs of the day of judgment, the reader will appreciate, Insha Allah, my best attempt to deduce how
they may come to pass, using the current world events.
What When Reign/Duration
Nations Isolate/Attack AL Sham (IRAQ, Lebanon, Syria) ? ?
Romans (Christian Nations)will unit with the Muslims to defeat common enemy ? ?
Mountain of Gold is discovered when the Euphrates river dries up. ? ?
Three major sun and moon eclipses ? ?
Mahdi escapes from Madinah to Mecca and becomes Ruler ? 7 to 9 years
Army attacks Mahdi, but attacking army is swallowed by an Earthquake in desert. Soon after ?
Mahdi leads army to Syria, fights 80 flags (12,000 ea. Flag) at Alghuta, Damascus, Syria ? ?
Mahdi wins, then pushes to liberate Turkey and Rome ? ?
World drought sets in, shortage of or No food and water. ? 3 years
Dajal appears (Anti-Christ) Jews and others will follow him During Drought 30 Days (14 months)
Dajal (Anti-Christ) Fights Mahdi and Muslims ? ?
Appearance of smoke that will give cold like symptoms to Muslims and kills others. ? ?
Earthquakes in Mecca and Madinah (Hypocrites will leave each city) ? 3 times in each city
Appearance of a great beast that talks to people. ? ?
Jesus (p.b.u.h) descents at Minara, Damascus, Syria. ? 7 years
Jesus (p.b.u.h) joins Mahdi, Kills Dajal and his followers, liberates Palestine. ? ?
The Sun will rise from the West. ? 1 Morning
Appearance of Yajuj Majuj (Gog MaGog) They destroy the Earth. ? ?
Allah Kills Yajuj Majuj and cleans the Earth by heavy rain. ? ?
Jesus (p.b.u.h) will rule the Earth in total peace ? Fulfills his 40 years
Appearance of fire that drives people to one geographical area ? ?
A smooth breeze will take the lives of all Muslims on Earth ? ?
Appearance of the Devil and commands all to indulge in all types of transgressions. ? ?
Allah destroys the Earth and all on it. On a Friday ?
All beings are resurrected on a new Earth. ? ?
Judgment Begins ? ?
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