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Stop or Do Not Take Minocycline

Minocycline is an anti biotic normally given to people with Acne problems. The problem with this medicine (side affect) is attributed to Papilledema or Pseudotumor Cerebri which leads to blindness at the rate of 10:1 girls to boys.

Minocycline raises the cranial fluids (spinal fluid) causing pressure and constrictions to the optical nerves causing blindness if left untreated.


1- Severe headaches

2- Severe back pains

3- Severe arm pains

4- Nausea

5- Throw up, flue like symptoms

6- May or may not have low grade fever

7- If left untreated, victim will begin seeing double and quadruple vision of objects

8- Blindness will occur


1- Stop taking Minocycline

2- Immediately go to the emergency room or see an ophthalmologist

3- The doctor will look into the patient's eyes for swollen optic nerves

4- if swollen the doctor will do a spinal tap to reduce the cranial fluids and may perform an emergency
eye surgery to relieve the pressure on the optic nerves to save the patient's vision.

5- The patient may have to take a medicine named Diamox to keep the cranial fluid from increasing.

6- If the patient's eyes were not saved in time, patient may or may not recover some vision with time.

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